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What are the Benefits of Feeding a Raw Diet?

1. Shiny and soft coats
2. Better dental health, white teeth, no smelly breath
3. Reduce vet costs-You won't have as many health issues
4. Can reduce or eliminate allergies--itching, ear infections, hair loss, etc.
5. Better mental stimulation when chewing on big chunks of meat or a big bone
6. Brighter eyes
7. More energy
8. You know what you are feeding
9. The Best Benefit of them ALL: smaller poo and no poop patrol! I have 3 Great Danes and I haven't done poop patrol in 4 years... How is this possible? There are no filler in what you are feeding. The body has little to dispose of and uses the nutrients provided.

Don't be alarmed when they don't drink water as much either. There is a lot of moisture in meat and so it keeps them hydrated therefore they drink less.

Switching to raw isn't the Godly answer to all the health problems that canines can get, but proper healthy nutrition is a step in the right direction.

Here are two German Shepard's, litter mates....Can you guess which one is raw fed and which one isn't?