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Non human grade meat did not meet the requirements governed by the USDA or FDA to enter into the human market. For example, a cow must be able to walk onto a truck on its own. This is just one example of many. You can google the regulations. 3D and 4D stand for dead, dying, diseased or down. This refers to the animal. This meat does not make it into the human grade market but resold as dog food such as the kibble industry. My beef supplier only processes down cows for their raw feeders. Down meaning, it had a broken leg, twisted stomach or just wouldn't get up. Denaturing is a process that visually ensures this meat is not humanly consumed. Liquid charcoal is used in this case to mark the meat. It is not harmful to animals. This is required by the USDA and FDA. My beef supplier is USDA inspected and product is also vet checked.You have a choice to feed this or not. Keep in mind ALL kibble is denatured at some point during the process. In my opinion, at least I know what I am feeding even if it is non human grade. You will find that there are many people passionate about this subject. I encourage you to ask questions and do your own research and make your own choice based upon what's best for you and your fur baby. I support you either way.