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Crushed Bone Mel Beef Tail Bones Bone Meal Powder
Crushed Bone Mel
Our Price: $1.50
Beef Tail Bones
Our Price: $3.00
Bone Meal Powder
Our Price: $3.00
crushed beef bone meal. Comes in one pound packages. About 3# per bag or 2-3 sections of the tail.  This product is denatured. Comes in 2# bags.  This bone powder is steamed and is a powder consistency coming from beef bones.
Beef Knuckle Bones Beef Marrow Bones Beef Rib Bones
Beef Knuckle Bones
Our Price: $6.00
Beef Marrow Bones
Our Price: $8.00
Beef Rib Bones
Our Price: $10.00
Beef knuckle bones are denatured. comes in about 5# bag Approximately a 5# bag.  This product is denatured.  Marrow has many healthy healing properties and will keep your dogs busy. Beef rib bones are denatured comes in a 5# bag
Certified Organic Bison Marrow Bones Deer Antler 5 lb. Organic Chicken Necks
Deer Antler
Our Price: $10.00
Certified organic bison marrow bones priced as per pound. Deer antler! A great chew for all dogs!
Come in approx. 6 inches, 8 inches or 12 inches. You can have them split to!
These come from pasture raised deer that are fed organic in the US.
Certified organic chicken necks in 5# bags
All Natural Beef Angus Bones All Natural Buffalo Bones Certified Organic Bison Knuckle Bones
All Natural Buffalo Bones
Our Price: $15.00
All natural beef angus bones from a MN farmer. Great for cleaning teeth! comes in a 10# bag All natural buffalo bones priced as per pound.   Comes from a MN farm. Certified organic bison knuckle bones. 3-4# each
Beef Necks Turkey Tails Duck with Head and Feet
Beef Necks
Our Price: $17.00
Turkey Tails
Our Price: $17.50
Duck with Head and Feet
Our Price: $18.00
Meaty beef necks come in a 5# case. Turkey tails are priced per pound. Duck with head and feet
Whole Duck with Head and Feet Duck Necks Chicken feet
Duck Necks
Our Price: $25.00
Chicken feet
Our Price: $27.50
Whole duck with head and feet.  Approximately 6 pounds each. Duck necks are priced per pound. Come in 10# bags. Chicken feet come in an 11# bag.
Beef Bone Ends (Knuckles) Grassfed Pork Necks Lamb Neck
Pork Necks
Our Price: $36.00
Lamb Neck
Our Price: $39.50
20# case of grassfed beef bone ends (knuckle bones) Pork necks come in a 30# case Lamb necks come in a 10# case
Beef Knuckle Bones Whole Chicken Leg Duck Feet
Beef Knuckle Bones
Our Price: $42.00
Whole Chicken Leg
Our Price: $54.00
Duck Feet
Our Price: $56.70
30# case of beef knuckle bones Chicken legs come in a 40# case Duck feet come in a 30# case
Lamb Trotter Bones Beef Oxtail Lamb Bones
Lamb Trotter Bones
Our Price: $61.00
Beef Oxtail
Our Price: $61.36
Lamb Bones
Our Price: $61.50
Lamb trotter bones come in a 40# case 15# case of beef oxtail.  These come as whole pieces. Lamb bones come in a 50# case
Split Duck Pork Back Ribs Duck Necks
Split Duck
Our Price: $74.00
Pork Back Ribs
Our Price: $74.70
Duck Necks
Our Price: $78.40
Ducks split in half.  12 halves in a case or about 24#. Pork back ribs come in a 30# case Duck necks come in a 40# case
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