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1. Create your account at www.simplyrawsomeus.com
2. Order your products into your cart
3. Make sure to order your cooler boxes for every 50# you are ordering if your order requires shipping. Cooler boxes are in the webstore for purchase.
4. Purchase insurance if you choose. 4 day transits will require insurance. It's $5 for every $100 of coverage. Insurance is in the webstore for purchase.

4. Choose in site pick up or site pickup for delivery or pick up.
5. Pay for your order using Paypal, credit or debit card (you may choose cash if you are picking up your order and/or do not need shipping)
6. Order ships on scheduled shipping day (shipping invoice must be paid in full before your order ships)
7. PLEASE check your emails or texts for any changes in your order prior to the week and weekend of shipping! Sometimes things are out of stock, vendor sends me the wrong product, vendor doesn't send me enough product or there's been a price change on items. I will contact you and ask what you want to do. I'm flexible and will try and accommodate those changes. If I don't get a response, I will credit your account for that item.

To see the monthly ordering schedule join the
Simply Rawsome Community Facebook Page, the Simply Rawsome Newsletter or click on the link above called
Ordering/shipping Calendar

Ordering deadline is the 1st of the month or as scheduled (see the calendar). Shipping will occur about two weeks out depending when the deadline falls in the week. Schedules are posted on the Simply Rawsome Facebook page, Simply Rawsome Community page and the Simply Rawsome Newsletter. To stay connected, follow, become a member or join any of those lines of communication. All orders and shipping costs will need to paid in full before orders are shipped. Be sure I have your complete contact information for any questions I may have regarding your order.
Request to changing orders will not be allowed after I have ordered your product unless an item you have ordered is out of stock or if there is a last minute sale, there was a price change or any change in circumstance I do not have control over. I've been stuck with too many products from cancellations.


1. Product and Shipping costs must be paid in full before your order ships.
2. In the warmer months or if you live in a warmer climate, cooler boxes are required. They are $11 each and can fit between 40-50 pounds. I will ship your product the most efficient and most economical way possible without compromising your product.
3. Please note some thawing may take place by the time you get your order. Because of the perishable nature of my product I will not guarantee you will receive your order completely frozen upon delivery and will not refund once an item is purchased. It is perfectly ok to re-thaw and feed meat. By submitting an order and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you release Simply Rawsome from this liability.
4. Shipping costs will not be reimbursed if it arrived on time.
5. If you purchased insurance, I will replace your product or credit your account for the product. Refunds will not be made. If you do not have insurance and are shipping with UPS I will not refund, replace or credit any order if it arrives late and/or damaged.
6. I highly suggest considering an upgraded shipping method if you are a 4 day transit during the summer months. You can get a quote through the website before you check out, just pick that option and it will display the cost.

6. It is up to the customer to be aware of any inclement weather or conditions that may prevent delivery. I have ran into hurricanes, tornadoes, riots, ice and snow storms. Shipping companies will not pay on claims for late deliveries related to weather or when they cannot deliver due to unforeseen conditions they have no control of.
7. If your pet will not eat something you purchased, Simply Rawsome is not liable and will not refund the product.
8. To see the transit map from UPS
Click Here Enter 56093 for the ship from zip code
9. If you are purchasing all non frozen items you do not need a cooler box.

If I have ordered your product and you decide to cancel your order, there will be a 50% cancellation fee based upon the total of your order. Example: You ordered $100 worth of product, your cancellation fee will be $50 and you will be refunded $50.

**All products are subject to availability and prices are subject to change without notice (although I try to avoid this)