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Ground Alpaca Ground Bison 1# Certified Organic Lamb
Ground Alpaca
Our Price: $8.00
Ground Bison 1#
Our Price: $10.50
Certified Organic Lamb
Our Price: $14.50
Ground alpaca. No bones, no organs. Locally raised and grass-fed. Ground bison in one pound packages. Meat only, no bones or organs. Certified organic ground lamb come in one pound packages.  Ordered on the first of the month only.
Beef Tongue Beef Tongue Grassfed Beef Chuck Tender Roast Grassfed
Beef Tongue
Our Price: $19.95
Beef Tongue Grassfed
Our Price: $19.95
5# case of grassfed beef tongue. Tongue is fed as meat. Grassfed beef tongue comes whole and in a 5# case. Grassfed beef chuck roast comes in a 5# case.
Beef Bone Ends (Knuckles) Grassfed Certified Organic Bison Tripe
20# case of grassfed beef bone ends (knuckle bones) Certified organic bison tripe comes whole in a 50-70# case. This is billed at 70#. When actual weight is known a credit will be issued for the difference if it's less than 70#.