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Certified Organic Whole Chicken Lamb Liver Whole Beef Necks
Lamb Liver Whole
Our Price: $16.39
Beef Necks
Our Price: $17.00
Certified organic whole chickens 3.5#  sold as each. Whole lamb liver come in an 11# case Meaty beef necks come in a 5# case.
Duck with Head and Feet Pork Head Beef Tongue
Duck with Head and Feet
Our Price: $18.00
Pork Head
Our Price: $18.00
Beef Tongue
Our Price: $19.95
Duck with head and feet 18# case contains one pork head. 5# case of grassfed beef tongue. Tongue is fed as meat.
Lamb Heart Pork Country Style Ribs Lamb Spleen
Lamb Heart
Our Price: $23.90
Pork Country Style Ribs
Our Price: $25.90
Lamb Spleen
Our Price: $25.90
Whole lamb heart comes in a 10# case Pork country style ribs come in a 10# case 10# case of whole lamb spleen
Chicken feet Lamb Kidney Beef Chuck Tender Roast Grassfed
Chicken feet
Our Price: $27.50
Lamb Kidney
Our Price: $30.00
Chicken feet come in an 11# bag. Whole lamb kidney come in a 10# case Grassfed beef chuck roast comes in a 5# case.
Pork Brains Beef Blend Veal Kidney
Pork Brains
Our Price: $31.00
Beef Blend
Our Price: $31.50
Veal Kidney
Our Price: $32.00
Pork brains come in a 12# case Contains beef liver, beef heart, beef kidney and beef trim.
10# case in 1# packages
Veal kidney comes in a 10# case
Whole Beef Liver Pollack Squares Beef Bone Ends (Knuckles) Grassfed
Whole Beef Liver
Our Price: $33.32
Pollack Squares
Our Price: $34.00
28# case of whole beef liver Pollack squares come in a 10# case 20# case of grassfed beef bone ends (knuckle bones)
Beef Spleen Whole Veal Heart Pork Necks
Beef Spleen Whole
Our Price: $35.70
Veal Heart
Our Price: $35.90
Pork Necks
Our Price: $36.00
Whole beef spleen comes in a 30# case. Veal heart comes whole in a 10# case Pork necks come in a 30# case
Pork Liver Turkey Hen Necks Turkey Tom Necks
Pork Liver
Our Price: $38.70
Turkey Hen Necks
Our Price: $38.70
Turkey Tom Necks
Our Price: $38.70
Pork liver comes in a 30# case Turkey hen necks come in a 30# case Turkey tom necks come in a 30# case
Chicken Liver Cups Lamb Neck Pork Spare Ribs
Chicken Liver Cups
Our Price: $39.50
Lamb Neck
Our Price: $39.50
Pork Spare Ribs
Our Price: $41.70
Chicken liver cups come in a 30# case Lamb necks come in a 10# case Pork spare ribs come in a 30# case
Beef Knuckle Bones Duck Wings Turkey Tails
Beef Knuckle Bones
Our Price: $42.00
Duck Wings
Our Price: $42.00
Turkey Tails
Our Price: $42.60
30# case of beef knuckle bones Duck wings come in a 20# case Turkey tails come in a 30# case
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