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Lamb Shanks Certified Organic Lamb Liver Certified Organic Lamb
Lamb Shanks
Our Price: $3.00
Certified Organic Lamb
Our Price: $14.50
Meaty lamb shanks are priced as each Certified organic lamb liver comes in 1 - 1 1/2 pound packages. Certified organic ground lamb come in one pound packages.  Ordered on the first of the month only.
Lamb Speen Whole Lamb Liver Whole Lamb Heart
Lamb Speen Whole
Our Price: $15.90
Lamb Liver Whole
Our Price: $16.39
Lamb Heart
Our Price: $23.90
Whole lamb spleen comes in a 10# case Whole lamb liver come in an 11# case Whole lamb heart comes in a 10# case
Lamb Spleen Lamb Kidney Lamb Neck
Lamb Spleen
Our Price: $25.90
Lamb Kidney
Our Price: $30.00
Lamb Neck
Our Price: $39.50
10# case of whole lamb spleen Whole lamb kidney come in a 10# case Lamb necks come in a 10# case
Simply Lamb Dinner (11#) Lamb Trotter Bones Lamb Bones
Simply Lamb Dinner (11#)
Our Price: $44.55
Lamb Trotter Bones
Our Price: $61.00
Lamb Bones
Our Price: $61.50
Comes in an 11# square bag for space saving storage. Follows the 80-10-10 ratios. Contains lamb leg, lamb heart, lamb bones, lamb liver, lamb kidney, lamb spleen. All human grade products no denaturants used. Lamb trotter bones come in a 40# case Lamb bones come in a 50# case
Ground Lamb 2x5 Ground Lamb 1x10 Lamb Flank Boneless
Ground Lamb 2x5
Our Price: $68.00
Ground Lamb 1x10
Our Price: $77.90
Lamb Flank Boneless
Our Price: $104.50
Ground lamb comes in a 10# case.  contains two 5# packages Ground lamb comes in a 10# case.  10 one pound packages Boneless lamb flank comes in a 50# case
Boneless Lamb Leg Lamb Breast Bone In
Boneless Lamb Leg
Our Price: $123.80
Lamb Breast Bone In
Our Price: $186.00
Boneless lamb leg comes in a 20# case Bone in Lamb breast comes in a 55# case