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Chicken & Beef Organ Grind Chicken Backs Ground Chicken Necks
Chicken Backs
Our Price: $6.75
Ground Chicken Necks
Our Price: $6.75
This organ grind follows the 80-10-10 ratios of the organ portion. Contains certified organic chicken liver, beef kidney and beef spleen. Comes in 1# packages Chicken backs come in a 5# bag, fine ground.  Product may contain a red dye.  This is great for adding weight to a dog or an expecting girl while she's pregnant and weans her pups. Fine ground chicken necks come in a 5# bag.  Product may contain a red dye.
Eureka Mix 5 lb. Organic Chicken Necks Day Old Chicks
Eureka Mix
Our Price: $8.65
Day Old Chicks
Our Price: $10.00
Contains chicken, beef, turkey, beef liver, poultry fat, eggs, fish, corn oil, bone meal, wheat germ oil, vitamins and minerals.  Come in coarse ground or fine ground.  Available in 5# chubs.  This product may contain a red dye.  This product does not follow the 80/10/10 guidelines Certified organic chicken necks in 5# bags Day old chicks weight between 1.5-2.0 ounces each. 10 per bag.
Ground Chicken Thighs Boneless Skinless Certified Organic Whole Chicken Ground Chicken
Ground Chicken
Our Price: $13.00
Ground boneless skinless chicken thighs come in 5# bags. Contains no bone or organs. Human grade Certified organic whole chickens 3.5#  sold as each. Whole ground chicken-medium grind.  Comes in a 10# bag.  This product is denatured
Dehydrated Chicken Tenderloins Simply Chicken Dinner (11#) Chicken feet
Chicken feet
Our Price: $27.50
Companion brand dehydrated chicken tenderloins.  All natural, made in the USA, no antibiotics, gluten free.  comes in an 11 1/2 oz bag. Comes in an 11# square bag for space saving storage  Follows the 80-10-10 ratios. Contains chicken thighs, chicken heart, chicken neck, pork liver, pork spleen, pork brain. Contains no fruit, veggies, or denaturants Chicken feet come in an 11# bag.
Ground Chicken Backs and Necks Chicken Liver Cups Chicken Backs
Chicken Liver Cups
Our Price: $39.50
Chicken Backs
Our Price: $43.60
Ground chicken necks and backs come in a two 5# bags. Chicken liver cups come in a 30# case Chicken backs come in a 40# case
Chicken Thighs Bone In Chicken Leg Quarters Certified Organic Chicken Necks
Chicken Thighs Bone In
Our Price: $43.60
Chicken Leg Quarters
Our Price: $46.00
Bone in chicken thighs come in a 40# case Chicken leg quarters come in a 40# case Certified organic chicken necks come in a 5# bag.
Chicken Hearts Chicken Necks Whole Chicken Leg
Chicken Hearts
Our Price: $51.60
Chicken Necks
Our Price: $51.60
Whole Chicken Leg
Our Price: $54.00
Chicken hearts come in a 40# case Skinless chicken necks come in a 40# case Chicken legs come in a 40# case
Chicken Breast Bone In Medium Chicken Gizzards Jackson's 5 step Beginners Pack-Denatured
Chicken Gizzards
Our Price: $59.60
Chicken breast bone in medium size come in a 40# case Chicken gizzards come in a 40# case Beginners pack is great for dogs just switching to a raw diet. The 43# pack includes the following:

Step 1/week 1--10# Ground chicken with bones (denatured)
Step 2/week 2--10# Ground Turkey with bones (denatured) can be mixed with step 1
Step 3/week 3--10# Ground Pork with bones (human grade) can be fed mixed with step 1 and/or 2
Step 4/week 4--10# Ground beef with bones (denatured) can be fed mixed with step 1, 2 and/or 3
Step 5/week 5-- 6 containers of Organ grind. You may start adding this to any of the above in very small amounts during week 5

Feed 2-4% of your dog's ideal weight and based upon activity level. See the Important Information page for more details.

Note: Watch the poo during this transition time. Too much bone will make your dog constipated, in which you will need to add more boneless meat. Chicken breast is a good source.
If it's too runny then you need more bone, in which you will need to add more bone. chicken wings is a good source.
Whole Chicken Certified Organic Ground Chicken Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless
Whole Chicken
Our Price: $68.54
Whole chickens come in a 46# case.  Average about #3 each Certified organic ground chicken come in a 12 pound case, one pound packages.  Leg and thigh meat only. Chicken breast boneless skinless come in a 40# case
Blue Ridge Beef Chicken with Bone 2x30 Chicken Thighs Boneless Skinless Whole Chicken Wing
Whole Chicken Wing
Our Price: $98.00
Blue Ridge Beef chicken contains ground chicken, ground chicken bones, no organ meat.  15 chubs and each chub is 2#.  For cats and dogs.  Please order on the first of the month only and allow 3-4 weeks lead time. Chicken thighs boneless skinless come in a 40# case. Whole chicken wing come in 40# case
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