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If you don' see what you are looking for please email me, I might be able to get it.

Ask about name brand raw pet foods. I have access to so much I can't get it all in the website.

* Addiction
* A+ Answers Pet food
* Bravo
* Evanger's
* Grandma Lucy's
* Green Tripe
* Herbsmith
* Natural Balance
* Nature's Logic
* Nature's Variety
* Northwest Naturals
* OC Raw Dog
* Primal Pet Foods
* Pure Vita (Nutri Source)
* Rad Cat
* Raw Bistro Pet Fare
* Stella and Chewy's
* Steve's Real Pet Food
* Tucker's Raw Frozen
* Weruva
* Whiska's
* Whole Life

I will do my best to beat any retail price on the market by 10%!
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Miscellaneous Miscellaneous

Use this for miscellaneous items

Our Price: $1.00
chicken with chickpeas treats 1# chicken with chickpeas treats 1#

Chicken with chickpeas, dehydrated treats.

Our Price: $1.00
Beef Kidney Whole Beef Kidney Whole

Whole beef kidney comes in proportioned packages.  This product is denatured.

Our Price: $1.15
Beef Kidney Ground Beef Kidney Ground

This is a non human grade product and is denatured.  Comes either ground or whole. Kidney is fed as an organ and contains vitamin A, B2, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E

Our Price: $1.25
Ground Beef 1# package Ground Beef 1# package

Ground beef in one pound packages. This is denatured with liquid charcoal and is non human grade beef.

Our Price: $1.50
Crushed Bone Mel Crushed Bone Mel

crushed beef bone meal. Comes in one pound packages.

Our Price: $1.50
Rabbit Heads Rabbit Heads

Rabbit head in the raw state.  Has fur, ears, eyes, etc.  This is an introductory price and trial run for this product.

Our Price: $1.50
Chicken & Beef Organ Grind Chicken & Beef Organ Grind

This organ grind follows the 80-10-10 ratios of the organ portion. Contains certified organic chicken liver, beef kidney and beef spleen. Comes in 1# packages

Our Price: $1.60
Ground Liver 1lb. Ground Liver 1lb.

Denatured one pound packages of ground liver

Our Price: $1.75
Ground Beef Spleen Ground Beef Spleen

Non human grade beef spleen come in one pound packages.  Spleen is fed as an organ.

Our Price: $2.00
Beef Organ Grind HG Beef Organ Grind HG

Beef organ grind comes in a 16 oz. bag and contains the recommended percentages of liver(50%), kidney (25%) and spleen (25%) following the 80-10-10 guideline. All human grade products used.  Liver and kidney contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D, E, K

Our Price: $2.00
Ground Tripe 1# Ground Tripe 1#

one pound bag of ground tripe is denatured.

Our Price: $2.25
Beef Organ Grind with Tripe Human Grade Beef Organ Grind with Tripe Human Grade

Contains beef liver, spleen and kidney with green tripe in one pound containers. The organs follow the 80-10-10 guidelines.

Our Price: $2.25
Beef Tail Bones Beef Tail Bones

About 3# per bag or 2-3 sections of the tail.  This product is denatured.

Our Price: $3.00
Organic Bison Trachea Stuffed with Tripe Organic Bison Trachea Stuffed with Tripe

Organic bison trachea fresh and frozen stuffed with tripe.  Choose from 3 or 6 inches long.

Our Price: $3.00
Bone Meal Powder Bone Meal Powder

Comes in 2# bags.  This bone powder is steamed and is a powder consistency coming from beef bones.

Our Price: $3.00
Lamb Shanks Lamb Shanks

Meaty lamb shanks are priced as each

Our Price: $3.00
Keta (Chum) Salmon Keta (Chum) Salmon

Keta or chum salmon fillets sold by the pound. No denaturant is used. While supplies last. This is a one time purchase

Our Price: $3.00
Pink Salmon Pink Salmon

Pink salmon fillets sold in one pound increments. No denaturants is used

Our Price: $3.00
Beef Gullet-Denatured Beef Gullet-Denatured

Beef gullet is denatured and priced as each

Our Price: $3.00
Farm Raised Whole Quail Farm Raised Whole Quail

Farm Raised whole quail skinned includes head, feet and innards.  Superb quality! Price as each.

Our Price: $3.25
Rabbit Whole Prey Rabbit Whole Prey

One pound rabbit comes whole. Head, feet, fur, internal system is all there.
If you need bigger rabbits please contact me directly to see what's available

Our Price: $3.50
Turkey Legs Turkey Legs

Turkey legs are priced per pound.

Our Price: $3.50
Whole Beef Tongue Whole Beef Tongue

Whole beef tongue is fed as meat.  This product is denatured.

Our Price: $3.75
Dried Rabbit Strips Dried Rabbit Strips

Dried rabbit strip treats, priced as per pound

Our Price: $4.00
Turkey Meatballs with Fruit and Veggies Turkey Meatballs with Fruit and Veggies

Kettle Creek Farms turkey meatballs with fruit and veggies treats.  Comes in a 5 oz. bag.  All natural, no antibiotics, gluten free and made in the USA.

Our Price: $4.00
Certified Organic Bison Kidney Certified Organic Bison Kidney

Certified Organic bison kidney comes whole.

Our Price: $4.50
Certified Organic Bison Spleen Certified Organic Bison Spleen

Certified organic bison spleen comes whole in one pound packages

Our Price: $4.50
UPS Package Insurance UPS Package Insurance

$5 of insurance will cover one package for $100 value. Please purchase for each cooler box you need.
This is a required purchase for packages traveling 4 days. If you decline the insurance and your package/order is damaged or ruined because of a late or delayed delivery, you will not be refunded and will not be credited nor will the product be replaced at Simply Rawsome's expense.

Our Price: $5.00
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